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Pinelands Lions is a part of Lions International, Providing assistance to many Critical and Vital Needs both Locally and Internationally. What sets us apart is that 100% of Funds Raised go to the Various Causes we Support.


Our Misson

At Pinelands Lions, we believe in the power of volunteering.

Our mission is to make a positive impact on the lives of people in our community by providing them with the resources they need to lead a better life.

We strive to create a world where everyone has access to basic necessities, education, and healthcare.


Hall for hire

About Us

Welcome to Pinelands Lions, a proud member of Lions International, dedicated to addressing critical needs both locally and globally. What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment: every penny we raise directly contributes to the causes we support. From local disasters like floods, fires, and droughts to our five global initiatives, we are devoted to making a difference. 

For a century, Lions and Leos have extended their kindness beyond borders, making a positive impact across continents. With a staggering 1.4 million members, we have a unique opportunity to transform our world. By focusing on five key areas of need, we are ready to tackle the significant challenges facing humanity. It's our time to step up and create lasting change. 

In addition to our philanthropic efforts, we proudly own a Community Hall, which we make available to both community and private groups. Our commitment to fostering a sense of community goes hand in hand with our mission. 

Join us on this meaningful journey! Alongside our impactful initiatives, we host numerous social events throughout the year and invite engaging guest speakers to inspire and educate. Together, we can create a brighter future for all.


Our Projects

Disaster Support

Pinelands Lions with assistance of Many Lions Clubs throughout Australia, provided Both Financial Assistance and Goods for Over Five Years to Drought Ravaged Communities in Western Queensland. We have donated over $200,000 of financial and material assistance. We also provided Financial Assistance to Families Effected by the Brisbane Floods and other natural Disasters.

Mission Possible

Pinelands Lions support the good work done by Mission Possible who are made up of a large group of passionate ladies who make care packages for people in need.


Diabetes is the Fastest Growing Disease in Australia and Lions Australia are providing assistance dogs for people with Diabetes in Australia.


It is estimated there are over 575,000 people who are blind or vision impaired currently living in Australia. Today the Lions Eye Institute is recognized as the most advanced eye institution in the Southern Hemisphere, seeing over 50,000 patients and performing close to 4,000 major eye operations annually.

Childhood Cancer

Lions Australia has contributed over $12 million dollars to Childhood Cancer Research. This effort has resulted in, amongst other things, safer and more effective blood stem cell transportation for leukaemia patients following chemotherapy which can lead to shorter hospitalisation and more rapid recovery. Lions have done a lot, but the job is not over because we believe every child has the right to a healthy life.


Since 1972, Lions Clubs have made a commitment to servicing the community in environmental related projects. Over 3,000 environmental projects are carried out by Lions in Australia every year. These projects are aimed to improve the quality of air, water and land as well as protect and preserve local flora and fauna.


Hunger is a problem in all of Australia. LCIF provides grants, programs, and initiatives to provide nutritious meals for Australians in need. Our hope is one day, no child will ever go hungry. On any given Day, over half a million households in Australia are Struggling to Meet their Food Needs.

Pinelands Lions Hall

Our Heritage Hall was built in 1927 by the Runcorn Progress Association and fell into disrepair prior to Pinelands Lions acquiring it.

Our hall is maintained by the Lions members as a service to the community.

Our hall is made available to community groups at cost, along with being made available for hire to other groups

Community Fundraising

As well as raising funds from renting our hall and selling Christmas cakes and puddings, we also hold regular Barbecues.

Lions Christmas Cakes

You can purchase:

1.5kg Cakes for $20.00

1kg Cakes and 900gram Puddings for $16.00


Mini Cakes for $2.00 each now!

Cake Sales

Call Rob on 0412 285 618 or
email to

Become a Volunteer

Join us and Help us make better communities for everyone!

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21 Nathan Road, Runcorn
Brisbane Q 4113

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0418 985 981


Hall Bookings call Ian:

(07) 3102 3342


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